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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Not only are we passionate about organic skincare, we’re passionate about reducing our environmental footprint.

We strive to exemplify green values and apply sound environmental principles throughout our entire value chain, seeking to avoid pollution, minimise carbon emissions, reduce waste and make our packaging recyclable or biodegradable. We see ourselves as part of the wider environmental movement working towards a cleaner and healthier planet and a sustainable way of life.


We believe in giving back to the community of which we are part. A portion of our profits derived from our organic skincare products is donated to causes we believe in such as environmental conservation, especially to saving koalas and their forest habitat, education, and promoting good health.

We are also ardent supporters of community based projects and of Fair Trade.

Over 50% of our ingredients are sourced from local communities which produce only the best nutrient rich crops.

Jasmin Organics supports Fair Trade.


As our customer, you have a right to expect safe and healthy products from us that are effective for their stated purpose, and are made from pure natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals. You have a right to be informed about exactly what is in our organic skincare and organic beauty products, and to be assured by reliable independent certification that they are genuinely organic and safe to use.

Organic skincare products are not a gimmick – they are a reflection of a whole way of life, one that respects Nature’s ways and works in harmony with them.