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Natural Eye Care

10/01/2015 3:29 PM

To help reduce winkles and fine lines around your delicate eye area, it is best to avoid topical or retinol creams, and switch to a lighter, non- comedogenic moisturising gel. If you suffer from fine lines around the eye area, the use of our Certified Organic Firming Eye Gel can help. Enriched with Aloe Vera Gel, this beautiful botanical lightly moisturises without damaging the skin or clogging the pores. It has been voted the best eye cream by our loyal customers When using your daily moisturiser, be sure to moisturise below the cheek area. Do not place your moisturiser directly onto the eye area as this may cause the pores to become congested which may lead to Millia. Millium is a small pearly-white or yellowish cyst of keratin that forms under the skins layer. Millia (plural) are usually found around the eye, nose and cheek area and unlike pimples are difficult to extract. Adult millia is referred to as secondary millia (primary millia is found on babies). The cause of secondary millia is usually due to the damage of the skins surface layer which causes the skin to thicken; so when the dead skin cells try to shed they get trapped under the thick skin and cannot flake off, forming hard white cysts. Millia can also appear when the sweat glands are blocked, resulting in protein build up. The misconception is to exfoliate to remove the millia, this can damage the skin, causing further irritation. Other Natural Ingredients Found In Our Certified Organic Firming Eye Gel: Rosehip Oil and Kakadu Plum Extract create a high vitamin C content Gel-Cream that deeply penetrates the skin. Green Pea Extract provides much needed stem cell activators which help to regenerate new skin cells. This may lead to firmer looking skin and reduce the look of wrinkles providing the area around your eyes enough nourishment to look brighter and younger without causing any unnecessary stress to your delicate skin which may result in future damage. How To Apply Eye Gel: After moisturising, wash your hands to rid of excess lotion. Place a pearl size portion of Certified Organic Firming Eye Gel onto your ring and middle fingertips. Gently massage between the fingertips then dot the eye gel gently onto the cheekbone and up and around to the brow-bone. Do not rub or use excessive pressure. Allow the gel to penetrate the skin. Jasmin Organics uses only the purest natural ingredients in our Certified Organic Skincare Range.
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Jasmin Organics featured on The Great South East - Channel 7. Presenter Jillian Whiting explores our organic farm and skincare facilities located at Tamborine Mountain, where all of our Certified Organic Skincare products are produced. Follow Jillian as she explores our Lavender Fields, Manufacturing Facilities and Retail Shop. Fall in love with our "From Farm To Final Product" philosophy as we strive to produce the world's purest and best performing Certified Organic Skincare Products.
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Lyn has been using Jasmin Organics for the past 2 years. Listen as she shares her experience and thoughts on our certified organic skincare range.
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Did you know all of our certified organic skincare and aromatherapy products are formulated and produced here at our organic farm and manufacturing facilities?
Jasmin Place is located in the serenity of Tamborine Mountain, in the Gold Coast hinterlands. Tamborine Mountain was chosen for it's sustainable qualities; our water comes from the underground springs, fertile volcanic soil is treated organically and our botanicals never come in contact with chemicals and are farmed under strict organic standards.
Jasmin Place at Tamborine Mountain is open for visitors to come and explore our farm and manufacturing facilities, you can see first hand how we produce an organic skincare line; completely transparent to our customers.
Open 7 Days 8.30am-5pm 197 Long Road, Tamborine Mountain
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BB Cream Japan Product Launch

11/02/2015 1:47 PM

Jasmin Aromatique Japan launches Certified Organic BB Cream with outstanding success and praise from press and beauty industry veterans.
February 5th 2015 was the official Product Launch event for our Certified Organic BB Cream in Japan. Jasmin Aromatique played host to over 300 media and beauty industry veterans who were treated to organic canapé's, refreshing drinks and of course - our ever popular BB Cream. Guests were also privy to an application demonstration by famous Make-Up Artist - Ms Hiromi Yamamoto. Ms Hiromi Yamamoto showed first hand how to apply and layer Jasmin Organics BB Cream to achieve the desired coverage as well as explained the skin benefits - from on-going moisturising effects throughout the day, to providing a natural sun protectant as well as assisting with the reduction of skin redness and hyper pigmentation.

Congratulations Jasmin Aromatique Japan.

For more information on our Certified Organic BB Cream; please visit

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The Benefits Of Organic Skincare

21/04/2015 12:05 PM

New customers often ask us ‘Is organic skincare really the best choice for me?’
We say YES and here’s why!

Organic Skincare is produced using plant-derived ingredients, replacing harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, which means organic skincare is gentler on your skin. Many plants have natural healing and moisturising benefits – they have been used for centuries to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate the skin resulting in a clearer and more youthful looking complexion. With the natural benefits of Organic Skincare, you will wonder why you ever used synthetic products!

The fact is; chemicals are often used in beauty products, as they are a cheap alternative to using natural ingredients. Consumers are subjected to mass media campaigns trying to convince them that synthetic formulas will help to achieve their desired look. Research has shown that the majority of these chemical ingredients used in skincare are harmful, although researchers speculate that the small quantity in which a consumer places on their body is of no real concern. However, when you stop and analyze the amount of chemicals you are placing on your skin per day, times by 365, it all adds up!

Skin Food! Your body is intellectual. It understands what is good and what is bad. The rate at which your skin will absorb an organic skincare lotion is much higher than a synthetic lotion. When using organic skincare, your complexion is brighter; less stressed and radiates a more youthful glow as essential fatty acids feed the skin rather than stripping the skin with harsh chemicals.

Natural skincare ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Nut Butter and Avocado Oil are rich moisturisers and also help to balance the skin’s natural oil production. Rosehip Oil, Rose Otto and Red Grape Resveratrol assist with skin cell regeneration, actively stimulating the skin to produce new skin cells – a natural way to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Liquorice and Bearberry Extracts help to naturally brighten the skin – we all desire a glowing complexion – and reduce redness and hyper-pigmentation. All of the ingredients listed above are just some of the certified organic ingredients you will find in Jasmin Organics Skincare Range.

But the real proof is in the results. Our customers continually report; in 4 weeks of using our organic skincare range, they notice a significant and pleasant difference in skin tone and texture. They also delight in the fact that they are using skincare products that do not contain harmful chemicals, keeping their skin and body toxin free.
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The Gold Coast has always been known for its beautiful beaches and fun-in-the-sun getaways. However if you look beyond the glitz and glamour of Australia’s most popular beach resort, you will discover Tamborine Mountain a beautiful village nestled amongst an ancient rainforest, a place free from the chaos and noise of the big city and is rapidly producing some of the Gold Coast’s top attractions. The newest opening is something quite unique – a hidden gem.

After years of planning, building and constant improvements, Jasmin Organics Skincare Group has thrown open the doors of its farm and manufacturing facilities, fulfilling their dream of being transparent to the consumer. It is now open seven days a week to the public after officially receiving the coverted Tourism Licence from the Scenic Rim Council.

Whether you are a die hard beauty fan or just curious to see what goes on behind closed doors in the mysterous world of skincare, this is a must on your bucket list when visiting Queensland – or even Australia for that matter.

Jasmin Organics creates an award winning certified organic skincare range, produced at Jasmin Place and now visitors are welcome to explore the beautiful and elegant grounds; wander through the aromatic lavender fields, inhale the intoxicating scent from the rose gardens, relax in the natural surrounds or just laze at the gazebo on the lake. The friendly staff are always available to take you on an informative tour through the impressive manufacturing facilities to learn how Jasmin Organics produces a luxurious skincare range without using any synthetic ingredients or chemicals, only using ingredients that are 100% derived from nature.

A former natural fruit research farm, the property was aquired ten years ago by Jasmin Organics founders as a place to produce the world’s purest skincare range. Upon visting this property, they fell in love with the natural beauty and concluded this would become their sanctuary – Jasmin Place.
After years of intensive gardening, organic certification and world-class formulating, Jasmin Organics now epitomises the brands ethics and slogan, ‘pure . natural . beauty’. This not only describes the product range, but is also the mantra of every employee at Jasmin Place. Such attention to detail leaves a long lasting impression on every delighted guest that visits this magnificent attraction.

Jasmin Place is located just a few hundred metres south of the famous Gallery Walk shopping precinct and is home to Australia’s purest skincare brands – Jasmin Organics and Koala Baby.
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Best Moisturiser For Skin Care

16/07/2015 2:07 PM

In case you haven’t heard, Australia is experiencing an intense winter snap sending the ladies into a tizzy as their skin suffers from dryness and dehydration.

With many fancy moisturisers on the market, it is difficult to know which moisturiser is the right choice for your skin type. Descriptive words such as correcting, uplifting, whiting, brightening, cell regenerating, hydration and multi-action can cause confusion and become overwhelming.

You shouldn't need a college degree to figure out which moisturiser will assist you in achieving clear, radiant and moisturised skin. The first step in determining the best moisturiser for your skin is by defining your skin type, concerns and your environmental factors.

Best moisturiser for Acne Skin – if you suffer from acne or are prone to breakouts, use a moisturiser that is free from harsh chemicals. Look for skin soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel and Chamomile Flower Extract. Also look for oils that eliminate harmful bacteria’s such as Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil. A combination of the ingredients mentioned above will lightly moisturise the skin while also acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
Jasmin Organics Purifying Essence is recommended for those who suffer from acne and breakouts. This certified organic moisturiser is a good choice for those who want to reduce inflammation and heal the skin.
Suitable for teens, adult acne and for those who live in polluted environments.

Best moisturiser for Sensitive Skin – those who suffer from sensitive skin know only too well how difficult it is to find a moisturiser that does not cause further irritation. Many moisturisers contain synthetic ingredients and fragrances leaving those with sensitive skin limited in choice. Individuals with sensitive skin should use natural skincare or organic skincare products to eliminate the amount of synthetics you are applying to your skin.
Jasmin Organics Hydrating and Uplifting Essence is 100% natural and contains 97% certified organic ingredients. Natural botanicals such as Rosehip Oil and Avocado Fruit Oil feed the skin and do not cause irritation while Chamomile Flower Oil helps to reduce any inflammation and redness.
This certified organic moisturiser is also suitable for those who live in humid climates and is recommended as a base for makeup.

Best Moisturiser for Dry or Mature Skin – as skin ages it becomes dry and prone to fine lines and wrinkles, finding the best moisturiser to help combat such skin issues is important. As we age we lose skin elasticity and collagen, this is why skin starts to sag and wrinkle. When choosing a moisturiser to deeply penetrate the skin’s dermal layers, look for ingredients containing nourishing oils.
Jasmin Organics Face day Cream has a high content of Rosehip Oil, known to assist with skin cell regeneration and Sweet Almond Oil with it's high content of Vitamin A, B and E providing the skin with a deep moisturising effect and contains anti-oxidant properties to relieve dry and irritated skin and delays the signs of ageing. The result is a healthy, glowing and youthful complexion.

Best moisturiser for scars – the after effects of acne, eczema or psoriasis can also impact a person’s confidence. Many moisturisers do not address scarring issues and only focus on ageing or line diminishing factors.
Jasmin Organics Restorative Essence uses a combination of plant peptides and flower extracts to help reduce keloid and hypertrophic scarring. Carrot Seed, Neroli and Helichrysum Essential Oils are blended together to help with skin regeneration and assist to reduce acne scars, wounds and aid stretchmark healing.
This certified organic moisturiser could also be used for sensitive and ageing skin to help reduce fine lines.

When choosing the best moisturiser to suit your skin, it is important to read product reviews and always be sure to check ingredients label. A good moisturiser should not contain masses of chemical ingredients you have never heard of. Look for ingredients that have natural skin benefits. We recommend using a certified organic moisturiser to ensure the products you place on your skin are beneficial for your complexion and help to promote inner wellness.

Other recommendations to banish dry skin:
Cleanser: Gentle Cleansing Lotion will gently cleanse dry skin while removing impurities and makeup.
Tone: Pure Chamomile Mist helps to sooth the skin and gives a hit of instant hydration.
Lips: Jasmin Organics Natural Balm will keep dry and cracked lips at bay.
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In our everyday lives, women are constantly on the hunt for a ‘miracle’ potion, cream and lotion to find the key to eternal youth especially when it comes to age prevention. But in truth, there is only so much these ‘beauty products’ can do. Making small changes to our lifestyle is one way to keep us feeling young and beautiful.


The benefits of drinking water are endless, but did you know that drinking water can also help to combat dry eyes. Our eyes are made up of 85% water and therefore, need to stay hydrated to help function. Hydrated eyes will provide you with a clearer view of the surrounding beauty and the eye area will look brighter and more youthful.


Getting a good night’s sleep has many wonderful benefits. But did you know that having a good night sleep is a sure fire way to also combat those dreaded puffy eyes and and remove dark circles under the eye area. The first thing people will notice when you are tired are dark circles under the eyes. Not getting enough sleep is a huge contributing factor to making you look older than what you really are. So get to bed early and catch up on your beauty sleep!


Yes, you heard right. EAT CARROTS!!
Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for good vision and eyesight. A great way to incorporate carrots into your diet is to include them in a fresh juice. Try apple, orange, ginger and carrots to not only increase your daily serving of veggie’s but you are also helping to see the world in a much brighter and clearer way.


There is a great ‘at home’ remedy that can be done instantly by taking 2 slices of cucumber and placing them directly onto your eyes for about 10-15 minutes.
Cucumbers have a subtle skin lightening effect and are often used to help diminish dark circles under the eyes that in turn creates a beautiful glowing and youthful appearance. They are also high in Vitamin E and potassium so assist to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Or for an added natural boost that is highly recommended by Beauty Experts and Industry Professionals Jasmin Organics Eco-Cellulose Eye Patches are an ideal instant hit of hydration.
As we age, our eyes become more dehydrated due to various factors including exposure to the sun, free radicals and of course, ageing. Jasmin Organics Certified Organic Eye Patches will have your eyes looking more youthful, brighter and refreshed. The effective dermal transmission of the Eco Cellulose Eye Patches will help to reduce redness, puffiness, dark circles and bags under the eye area and may assist to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The blend of Lavender, Frankincense and Jasmine organic essential oils aid in skin cell regeneration, hydration and anti-inflammation which may result in a brighter and more youthful appearance. So what are you waiting for! Treat yourself to some ME time and lay down on the couch, put a face mask on and let these Eco-Cellulose Eye Patches help to rejuvenate those tired and puffy eyes!
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Award Winning Skincare

Jasmin Skincare was announced as the winner of two major categories at the recent 2015 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards held in Beaudesert: 
1) Platinum Award Winner
2) Business Person of the Year 

The annual awards ceremony hosted by Scenic Rim Regional Council in conjunction with Combined Scenic Rim Chambers of Commerce aims to foster and celebrate excellence in business activities throughout the Scenic Rim region. It aims to recognise business, industry and individuals for their exceptional contributions to the Scenic Rim region.

Platinum Award Winner went to Jasmin Skincare, a Certified Organic skincare manufacturer who produces two organic skincare brands, Jasmin Organics being a premium range and Koala Baby Organics for Mum and Babies. Together these two brands represent one of the largest organic collections in the world. Both ranges surpass the boundaries of traditional thinking in skincare by replacing harmful chemicals with precious natural organic ingredients. The results are exhilarating with this ‘pure natural beauty’ approach and our customer’s feeling of luxury is taken to new heights.

Unlike almost all other Beauty Companies, Jasmin Skincare operates its own Certified Organic farm, processing and manufacturing facilities, all based at the top of Tamborine Mountain, in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland of Australia. All of our facilities are Certified Organic to four international standards being both the Australian OFC and ACO standards, the USDA American standards and most recently the new EU COSMOS integrated certification.

Business Person of the Year Award 

went to Miss Lihua Song, the Founder and Managing Director of Jasmin Skincare. Lihua launched Jasmin Skincare fifteen years ago and was motivated by the desire to create the worlds best and healthiest skincare brand. In the process, she wanted to change the way consumers choose skincare, making health and wellbeing their primary consideration. The Jasmin Organics and Koala Baby Certified Organic ranges are the result of a ten-year quest to provide genuinely natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients used in today’s skincare. Some of Lihua’s contributions to the community include:

- New jobs have been created as Jasmin have branched into eco-tourism with more to follow;

- Support of numerous local community and charity groups through involvement, sponsorship and mentoring;

- Global publicity as Jasmin Skincare and Tamborine Mountain become interlinked;

- Motivating a wide range of other Australian skincare and cosmetic companies to venture down the path of manufacturing organic as opposed to synthetic skincare;

- Mentoring a number of business women on how to successfully launch their brands into Asia;

- Provided financial and physical support to a wide range of community, environmental and socially conscious charity groups in a bid to alleviate some of the wrongs in this world;

- Lihua has been working tirelessly with Regional, State and Federal Councils and Departments to market both Jasmin Skincare and Tamborine Mountain;

"From the very first day I conceived the brand I was committed to creating a sustainable and socially responsible enterprise,” says Lihua Song, the Founder and Managing Director of Jasmin Organics in Australia.  “I have never been willing to compromise any aspects of our operations just to make a profit, at the expense of the environment or our customers health and wellbeing”, Lihua further explains.

As well as being a proud moment for Jasmin Skincare, this award is also recognised as a huge win for all the dedicated Jasmin staff and supporting community on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, from where the company operates an Organic Farm and a tourist attraction that is geared around their manufacturing facilities. The award also reinforces Australia, as one of the global leaders in Business Excellence and Eco Tourism. 

About Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards:

The objective of these awards are to recognise the important role the business community plays in the Scenic Rim, to encourage innovation, business excellence and good corporate citizenship and to present businesses and individuals with the opportunity to be rewarded for excellence and business success.

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