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What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy (AROMA + THERAPY) affects both the body and mind.

The molecule of essential oil in contact with the smell receptor nerve endings and to the brain, controls the functions of the body and mind. We think it is essential to feel the “aroma” instinctually and enjoy.

Essential oils

Essential oil is a 100% natural volatile aromatic material derived from a flower; leaf, epicarp, roots, resin, and fruit of a plant.

Extraction is achieved through water distillation, mechanical processing, and solvent extraction process (absolute).

The amount of extraction and aroma differ depending on weather, environment and the feature of each plant. Just like farmed vegetables, the aroma from an individual plant may differ every year.

Quite simply, essential oils carry the unique scent or essence of the plant from which they are extracted. They are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and fatty acids.

More importantly, essential oils are the most divine fragrances that can be found on this earth. Oils such as rosewood, lavender, and orange oil all produce an enchanting, natural scent that makes them truly the best ingredients for skincare.

They are also the safest ingredients for cosmetic use, being completely derived from natural substances. As well as being beneficial to the skin, they can even alleviate stress and anxiety!

The Effect of Essential Oils On Our Body System

Aromatherapy is said to affect both the body and mind because the aromatic component contained in essential oils directly affect the brain. This is the power of essential oils and the best part of aromatherapy. Aromatic components contained in essential oils are absorbed into the body in 3 different ways.

Through The Nose

When “aroma” is inhaled through the nose, the aromatic components of essential oils sends a direct message through the olfactory cell to the brain. The brain controls the autonomic nerve that influences our respiration, blood pressure, heart rate and emotion and can balance the hormones. This helps us to feel calm, feel happy, or be in better physical condition.

Through The Lungs

When the aromatic component is breathed in through the nose and mouth it is absorbed into the lungs and into the blood steam, which is then carried to the organs and throughout the whole body.

Through The Skin

A tiny amount of aromatic molecule of essential oil is absorbed into the skin. The size of some molecules is so small, they will penetrate into capillary vessels and carried by blood and lymph cells, this deeply influences muscles and each organism.

Aromatherapy treatment and aroma bath is designed for this function.

How To Use Essential Oil

1) Vaporize: Add 1-3 drops of essential oil on to a tissue or onto terra-cotta, place it around the desk or pillow.

2) Diffuser: Add several drops of essential oil to an aroma pot or diffuser. To enjoy the fresh aroma, a diffuser, which does not heat the essential oil, is recommended.

3) Massage Oil: Use an essential oil with a carrier oil (vegetable oil) as a massage oil. Blend 30ml of a carrier oil and 12-15 drops of essential oil (2-2.5%) then apply gently to the skin.

4) Bath Salt: Add 5-10 drops of essential oil to natural sea salt (approx. 30-50g), place in bath water and mix well.

5) Hand & Foot Bath: Add 3 drops of essential oil to a basin of warm water and soak the hands or feet.

6) Spray: Add 25-50 drops of essential oil to purified water. Shake well before using.

Notes: Do not apply essential oil directly to the skin. Rinse off thoroughly if the essential oil is applied to the skin or eyes.

In case of skin rash, redness, irritation or pain discontinue use immediately and consult with your doctor.

Close the cap tightly after use and store below 30℃ away from sunlight. It is recommended to use as soon as possible after opening.

Organic Formulation

The energy, vitality, growth (size) and aroma of essential oil depend very much on how the plant is grown.

Jasmin Organics use and supply only the best organic essential oils available. We provide essential oils and vegetable oils certified by O.F.C. and USDA.

How To Store

To keep the fresh aroma of essential oils, we sincerely ask our customer to store properly. An unopened bottle must be stored in a cool dark place and used within 1 year. Citrus essential oils should be used within 6 months.

Once opened, use within 3-6 months.

Enjoy The Aroma

Essential oils are very sensitive to heat, aroma changes occur easily. Jasmin Organics suggests not to use candles or burners which produce high heat.

Please store essential oils as directed above.

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